Life-size experiences and realistic simulations

The Holo-Room is a 4x5m fully immersive room, suitable for lifelike and life-size experiences and realistic simulations. All 3D filetypes can be displayed and interacted with.

The Holo-Room is a large room of 4 x 5 meters (13.1 x 16.4 feet) constructed from a metal frame covered with fabric. Inside the rooms are projectors and tracking equipment that project objects inside that appear to be floating in the air.

When the holographic is projected, the walls turn invisible. Making it look like you are in a large open space. And of course, without a headset!

The hologram in the room can be seen correctly by one user only, who’s movements are tracked by the device. Other users inside the room will see a distorted (bent) image. However, when the projections are projected on the wall, the room will take up to eight users simultaneously.

The Holo-Room is one of the more impressive devices because it can produce the largest holograms. It is best suited for showing life-size simulations, playing games, or entering the metaverse.

Size 4 x 5 meters (13.1 x 16.4 feet)
Can be used by a single user when projecting a room-filling image
Up to 8 users can be inside when using it for a wall projected holographic image
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Use Case

Engineering & Manufacturing

VR is an important part of the engineering process nowadays. To be able to see a design from all angles makes it possible to discover flaws which are not so apparent on a 2D display. But our holographics solution makes it even better

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