Combine all patient data into a holographic

Patient care is a multidimensional matter. Scans from different sources show different views of the same patient. For doctors it is hard to perform a holistic examination from these scattered images. Tekle Holographics can consolidate all data into a single full 3D holographic.

Consolidate all patient data into a holographic

Medical care has made a tremendous development over the last decades. Doctors and other medical professionals are able to make difficult assessments and perform complex operations. They rely increasingly on advanced devices that are used to create diagnoses, such as MRI scans, CT and CAT scans and X-rays.

Every form of scanning delivers its own piece of the puzzle for the doctors to base their diagnosis on. But up until now, there was no way to create a total view combining all this information.

Tekle Holographics can collect information from all sorts of patient data and convert this into a real-time full immersive 3D holographic. This allows the doctor to really see the patient from all sides and study the body as a whole. The solution consolidates data from MRI, CT, CAT, X-ray and ultrasound. In general, Tekle Holographics can use any data which confirms to the DICOM standard.

The doctor can zoom in or out to see specific body parts and their relation to the surrounding organs and tissues. All this information makes it possible for medical professionals to draw up very specific treatment or a detailed operation plan.

Benefits for the
Medical Industry

Get a holistic view

Medical professionals can integrate any sort of patient data to create a holistic view. The holographic display can be viewed from all side just as in real life.

Discuss in real-time

There is no need for a headset, so medical professionals viewing the patient’s image can see each other and discuss what they are seeing.

Zoom in and out

With easy point and click gestures doctors can zoom in or out and focus on the tiniest details or the patient as a whole.

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The Holo-Wall creates a 2x3.5m screen which visualizes 3D information and acts as an interface between the real and virtual world. Holograms can extend out into the room up to 4m.

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